The First HoA Event

by The Weight Of Ankhs

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released June 22, 2014

Guitar and Vocals by Robert Best
Cat noises by Scully

All words and music wrritten by Robert Best except for: track 2 words and music by David Pirner, track 4 part 2 words by Nick Cave, part 3 words and music by E, track 5 words and music by E, Butch and Adam Siegel and track 8, words and music by Hetfield, Hammet and Ulrich

Album cover orginal image by Kris Hudson-Lee.



all rights reserved


The Weight Of Ankhs Northern Ireland, UK

Right now I am just one guy with one guitar

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Track Name: Travelling
I woke in the morning, sun hits my eye
Read the paper, 'bout how he died
People said that he's a good man
They only say this now, now he's gone

And now he has gone home
Now he has gone home

Travellin' to work, I car crash I spy,
People all around, they shout, they cry
She was so young Lord, only fifteen years old
Tell me God "Oh Why, Oh Why"

And now she is going home
She is on her way home

Sitting at my desk, the grey shade of wall
People all around, they shout and call
This life moves so fast, they won't slow at all
This gun in my hand, they will fall, fall, fall

Now they are going home
I am sending them all home

The judge he said "Son, you know you have done wrong
You killed all those people, just for a song"
"Yes I know Sir, I know I done wrong
Send me on home. It's where I belong"

And now you send me on home
Just send me on home
Won't you please just send me on my way home
Track Name: Untitled Love
Living my life until the dawn breaks
Ever since you left
I sing a song when the bird speaks
Since that night you left

Are you happy
Do you cry
Have you founds your answers
For the questions I cant help

I feel as nothing
Just as you saw
Broken alone
What have I done
My answers don't answer the question
Of why I see dawn alone
Track Name: Crazy Mixed
There's a man who wants to be a girl
There's a girl who wants to be a boy
There's a boy who wants to be a woman
And there's a woman who wants to be a man

It all seems fine in this crazy mixed up world
And it all seems fine in this crazy mixed up world

They've got their wish, strange but true
Someone asked me "Do I believe in Blue?"
"Believe in Blue? Is that some kind of faith?"
"Hold your hands up to the heavens Brother and lay down a grace."

It all seems fine in this crazy mixed up world
And it all seems fine in this crazy mixed up world

I'm running down the road trying to find out what's on my mind
I don't think, I think. I think I know what's on my mind
I'm crazy mixed up, I'm crazy mixed up
But at least I am on time

She said to me "Do I understand her life?"
"Darling, baby, honey - I don't understand the concept of time"
I'm crazy mixed up, I'm crazy mixed up
Don't act like you give a fuck about my life

It's time for me to go. I'm sorry
I hope you understood me - plain and easy
I don't know who I am, or where I belong
So I will sing this song until I find my home.